Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Anna Sun

Sometimes at work I get to help fill in with copywriting.  I recently wrote an article for The Phoenix Marathon about great running music that came out in 2012.  I included this one on the list and said the following about it, "Anna Sun- Walk the Moon If the runner’s high you experience during your run could be put to a tune, this would be it!"

I'm marathon training right now and I love the upbeat feeling I get from this tune.  If that feeling could be put into clothing it would be fun, bright, and happy.  I also took inspiration from the music video with many hipsters in bright clothing including some neon.  I'm still getting dressed for work these days, so I pulled that inspiration into a work appropriate outfit, and this is what I came up with.  
Shirt: Old Navy, Jacket: Romy, Necklace: Jcrew knockoff from China, Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger, Shoes: Anthropologie via Downeast Basics