Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day

I've been coveting this sweater for a while. AZ summers beg for modified fabrics and lengths, and this super light, short sleeved cardi was a must! With a nice coupon, I bought 3! And do you ever find a store where the clothes just fit like a glove? I'm finding most my wardrobe purchases as of late are from NY&Co for a reason! And this is what I wore to my first day of class for my MBA. (umm, thus the less frequent posts, I'm studying all the time now)! I tried to say I'm a teacher and a business student all at once. How did I do?

All from NY & Co Shirt: $12, Skirt: $12, Sweater: $20 (but more like $12 after coupon), Earrings: $4, Shoes: Mudd, $40
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Color Palate

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I love neutrals with a pop of color- two equals twice as nice!
Shoes: Target, $5, Skirt: Old Navy, $10, Shirt: Banana Republic, $15, Scarf: Buffalo Exchange, $3, Earrings: Target, $1

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Continuing Retro...

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Apparently my flair for retro would not stop this week! None of this is vintage, but I have accepted I have an hourglass 50's body (yes vintage stuff from this time fits me better than anything untailored) and that seems to be the styles I'm into lately.

Shoes: Mudd, $40, Pants: Gap, gifted, Shirt: Gap, $12, Belt: Thrifted, $2, Headband: Self-made, Earrings: AE, gifted

Friday, August 21, 2009


Do you have have days you feel costume-ish? I just wanted a longer skirt this day, and then grabbed this shirt that my sister recently tossed, and then thought the shoes would make it a little more 1920's, and of course strings of pearls and pin curls came out. I don't think I have these days often, but this was one of them !

shirt: Hand me down from sister, Skirt: Rampage, $7, Shoes: Target, $5, Necklace: Gift from sister
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Standard Uniform

I've kind of noticed my style has evolved lately, into a more business- casual look. I think you can expect this formula many many times in the near future- straight skirt, tucked in button up, belt or scarf. I'm in love with it! And please don't mind my lack of enthusiasm in this post, I was not in the mood to have my picture taken.

Shirt: NY & Co, $8, Skirt: Old Navy, $19, Belt: hand-me-up from little sister, Shoes: Mall store in Utah, $7
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Easy, Breezy

I am still alive! I finally bought a new camera and found a second to breathe! This was taken on my old camera the first week of school when the AC wasn't working....and I just realized I never posted it! I have some new pics coming with a camera that is truly amazing!
Thanks for being patient readers, I promise to give more attention to my blog!

Shirt: JCrew, crazy sale, $8, Skirt: Gap, $13, Shoes: Target, $12, Earrings: Kohls, $10
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BtoS Dress

I usually buy a new dress just for back to school. I was pretty stoked when I found this one at this price! I have wanted a navy blue wrap dress for a long time!
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft, $15, Shoes: Last Chance, $18, Necklace: Charolotte Russe: $5, Tank: Downeast Outfitters, $10, Watch: Wal mart, $10
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to School

My camera took it's last breathe, thus the lack of posts. I did manage to get the 1st day of school outfit. Red and black equals authority- so I grabbed my suit and this shirt. My AC broke, and it was 111, so this is what I ended up actually wearing. I hope I still made my point to those sweaty kids.

Skirt: NY&CO, $15, Shirt: Loft, $15, Shoes: Naturalizer, $20
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