Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feeling Green

I must be pulling out of blue, because I have been grabbing my green clothes more often. Let the next phase begin!
Shirt: Gap, $9, Skirt: Gap, $8, Belt: Forever 21. $12, Boots: Last Chance, $40, Earrings: Icing, $6
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Florals for Spring...How Original!

One of my favorite quotes from a movie is when Miranda on The Devil Wears Prada says, "Flowers.....for spring, how original." I laugh every spring when that's what seems to be the "new" thing- this spring in particular. I do love my florals however, and I am excited to wear them, even if according to Miranda Presely they aren't so original.
Tank: Hanes, $3, Shirt: Last Chance, $6, Belt: ???, Jeans: American Eagle, $20, Shoes: Target, $13, Watch: Fossil, gifted, Earrings: Kohls, $8, Bracelet: Bong Shop in Mexico from my college study abroad, $5
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girly T-Shirt and Jeans

I considered paying a lot more for this shirt a month ago, man I love when you do that and then it goes on sale! I had super casual date, so I tried to look a little cute and girly while staying casual.
Shirt: Anthropologie, $20, Jeans: Ralph Lauren, $40 sale, Shoes: Famous Footwear, $20
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wild Child

I've been trying a lot of pieces that don't really seem "me" lately. I've never received more compliments in my life! Mind you I work with teenagers who only compliment me when my clothing is clearly from Abercrombie and Fitch (I own a pair of pants, a sweater vest, and oxford shirt from college and high school, so yes, it doesn't happen often). I think I will continue to mix it up, I love you preppy icon, but I think I'm going to cheat on you for a little while.
Cardigan: New York and Company, $8, Camisole: Shade, $6 sale, Necklaces: Black Market Minerals, $7.50, Pants: New York and Company, $8, Shoes: Naturalizer, $20ish, Headband, Custom, about $4 to make

Friday, March 27, 2009

Patriotic Retro

Shoes: Target, $6, Skirt: United Colors of Bennington, Thrifted, $5, Shirt: Old Navy, borrowed from sister, Scarf: Vintage, borrowed from sister, Watch: Wal-mart, $10, Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Springy in the Cold

Jeans: Tommy, $10 sale (my fab find of the month), Shoes: Gifted, Polo: Gap, $12, Sweater: Abercrombie and Fitch (don't judge, it's from way back in high school I just happen to think it's too classic to go out of style), $20, Blazer: Vintage, JetRag's $1 sale, Headband: Forever 21, $3.80

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holding Onto Winter

I know April is right around the corner, but I wanted to enjoy one of the last cool days the Southwest will have for a while, and I put on some winter inspired pieces!
Sweater: Anthropologie, $30, Polo: Gap, $12, Skirt: Gap Thrifted, $3, Tights: Target, $5, Shoes: Mall Store in Utah (Blossom Brand), $20. Earrings: Gifted
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Brown Dress in The Spring

Even though this dress is linen and light, it still seems to feel so fall to me because of the dark color. I tried to make it feel more spring-y with some light blue floral.
Dress: Target, $6, Shoes: Mall store in Utah, $7, Headband: Target, $1, Flower, Anchor Blue, $2
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Purple and Turquoise

Skirt: Old Navy, gifted, Shirt: gifted, Shoes: Rampage, $6, Belt: Rampage, $5, Jewelry: New York and Co, $8, Shades: Target, $13, Headband: Icing, $6, Bag: American Eagle, $15
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Blue Ban Over!

I teach at a year-round school, and thus I get a 2 week spring break- hooray! I have had a good excuse to not get ready, but if you've been following, I put myself on a navy blue ban for a week until I proved to myself I was willing to get ready again. As you can see, even though I didn't take pics everyday, I have removed the ban, and blue is back. Ahh, I hope I don't have to punish myself again for fashion laziness, no matter how good the excuse is!
Shirt: Gap, $12, Tie: Thrifted, $1, Pants: Banana Republic, $18, Shoes: Target, $13
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patty's Day

It was late by the time I took a picture, and apparently my camera was ready to go to bed, because it pixelated all my pics, and sadly, this is the best aside from the close up on the shirt. Don't worry, I 'll wear this again soon, this is my favorite shirt, a no fail compliment getter! I've had it for about 4 years now, and I still get stopped and asked where I bought it- Forever 21 my friends, pre- all florescent 80's crap.
Shirt: Forever 21, $30 (Yes I paid full price remember this moment), Jeans: Gap, gifted, Shoes: Teva, $15
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The Business School Hopeful

I actually wore this to church, but everyone stopped me and told me how "business like" I looked. Oh boy, I hope so, I'll know in about a month!
Shirt: New York and Co, $8, Tank: Downeastoutfitters, $10, Skirt: Thrifted, Gap, $3, Shoes: Target, $20, Earrings: Custom
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Party Like a Rockstar

I didn't think I could pull off the rock style icon, but I'm now ready to look at more leather and skull related items!
Shoes: Famous Footwear, $20, Jeans: Gap, gifted, Shirt: Target, $3.50, Scarf: Wet Seal, $10, Bracelet: Too old to even tell, Earrings: Icing, $7
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break and No Jeans!

Check it, I only spent half the day studying today, and I even went on a date (I won't mentioned we studied for 2 hours of it though). I was determined to try to do more than a t-shirt and jeans, I seriously miss my ultra preppy and girly self, and today, even though I still feel sick, I at least tried!
Jacket: TJMaxx, sale $5, T: Banana Republic, $12, Skirt: Gap, $12, Shoes: Mall Store in Utah, $20, Bag: Target. $14ish, Headband: Local shop, $2.50
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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Tonight I went to a religious studies seminar for 20 somethings. The dress was casual, but I still like to feel appropriate for religious affairs. I went for a conservative look that didn't quite make me feel like a nun.
Jeans: American Eagle, $30, Shoes: Target, $6, Polo: Gap, $12, Sweater: Target, $6, Watch: Wal-mart, $10, Hair clip: New York and Co, $3
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Friday, March 13, 2009

In Case You Forgot...

This is what I look like when it isn't Spring Break. This is a typical day, maybe even lazy since the hair is in a ponytail, but I do try sometimes.

Shoes: Famous Footwear, $20, Skirt: JCPenny, $4, Shirt: American Eagle, $8, Jacket: Anthropologie, $30, Tights: Forever 21, $2, Headband: Target, $2, Earrings: ???, Ring: Kohls, $8

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...and this would be a typical casual day for yours truly. Seriously, i tried today, just wait for tomorrow. Don't give up on me readers, I will be back to work soon with the GMAT behind me!

Jeans: Custom, (friend went to Dr. Phil and he gave a pair to every audience member, she didn't want them and gave them to me, these jeans= size me!) free, Shoes: Target, $13, Shirt: Anthropologie, $20, Necklace: Lia Sophia, gifted, Watch: Fossil, gifted, Earrings, Target, $2

(I took these photos before I had my blog, so I figured I could get away with this)

Spring Sprung

I'll admit something, I post my outfits a day late as the buffer I need to get them up and running! Notice casual Friday shows up Saturday or Sunday- you are smart readers, I knew I wasn't fooling anyone! I actually wore two outfits today and instead of waiting for tomorrow, I'm putting one up now to spare the nasty blue T that just is plain too big, along with jeans that are, well, just plain too big, but I'm going to buy new ones next week! Please don't fire me fashion world- a sinus infection, the GMAT, spring break (I love year round school), and losing 2 sizes is to blame! I'm coming back soon- I PROMISE!
It was 80 degrees in AZ today, and after a run in the heat and my temperature finally breaking after being sick, I wanted my breeziest, coolest outfit. Welcome first outfit of spring!
Shirt: Aeropostale, $10, Skirt: American Eagle, Thrifted, $3, Shoes, Target, $13 sale
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I Embarass Myself

THIS is the best I could do? Seriously, who do I think I am? I am a disgrace to the fashion blogging world! I had plans, big plans for this outfit too- a yellow floral vintage scarf, my favorite yellow shoes, a jacket, and maybe even some makeup. Let's just say this big orange book distracted me today. One and a half weeks till the big test, then my fashion days can resume! I WILL try harder tomorrow, I promise! I have a social gathering tomorrow and a date the next day- so I should try then! And oh yeah, after taking this I put myself on a navy blue ban for 1 week. If there are any more bad days like this it will be 2. One plus- notice the deep blue eyes today, for someone whose eyes always seem to be in color identity crisis- this was a sweet day!
Shirt: JCPenny, $3 (and there are cute buttons up the sleeve by my hair is covering the only umph in my outfit), Jeans: Gap, $20, Shoes: Teva, $20, Hair bow: Custom
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late Night

I was in my class until late tonight, and when I left it was freezing! OK it was 60 degrees, but I was shivering. My bright blue shirt got the shaft as I threw on a last minute sweater, but I will wear it again soon! I had a nice, well dressed old lady shout when I walked into my doctor's office today (sinus infections :( not fun) "CUTE top!" I think old lady compliments are the best kind. If I look ready to pass out, I am, I studied my eyes out today, and I'm sick.
Jeans: American Eagle: $20ish, Shirt: JCPenny, $12, Sweater: Target, $6, Shoes: Target, $6
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Studious Day

Jeans: Gap, $20, Shoes: Famous Footwear, $15, Shirt: Gap, $12, Vest: Target, $4, Belt and headband: Custom
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ready To Ride My Pony

OK, I don't have one, but I felt like a trip to the English countryside would be appropriate. I just need to find my riding boots....

Shoes: Latin Market, $7, Jeans: American Eagle, $20, Shirt: Gap, $15, Scarf: Thrifted, $4, Blazer: Thrifted (JetRag Sale) $1
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Color Favs...

I have alluded to it in a couple posts, but I am in love with one color right now! Blue! This is not my favorite color, but for some reason I reach for blue everyday when I got to get dressed. When I go shopping I have noticed when I get in the dressing room everything is usually blue with some black. Blue everywhere, I swear I am loving it a little too much! I think I do this every season. Seriously, I pick one color I can't get enough of, and that is all I want to purchase, and usually wear! Last year I got into green, merely because it makes my eyes pop. I think blue is in the same boat- I have eyes that change color with what I'm wearing, and apparently I like them blue right now. But how does that explain my pink phase in college? I never liked pink growing up, and one year, pink moccasins, pink jackets, pink earrings, pink shirt- crazy pink madness came over me! Red always comes and goes, but the there was the brown phase too.

My questions readers, if there are any out there, is this normal? Do you go through color phases? Do you notice in the dressing room that you selected the majority of one color, or I am some weirdo?

Tie Belt

I found this tie thrifting, and I looked at the tag and realized this tie has a story! It's from England and has some royal association tag sewn on the back, pretty cool I thought. It was dingy and beat up, but some serious love brought it back, and allowed it to spruce up my school girl blue and tan classics just enough. Have you noticed how many navy and tan combos I have lately? I swear I'm on a kick and seem to always want those two colors every morning!
Skirt: Thrifted, $4, Tie: Thrifted, $1 Shoes: Target, $13, Sweater: Over a decade old, but I think I paid $15 back in the day (shout out to classic pieces and not changing much since junior high).
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