Friday, February 27, 2009

Blue and Grey

I have to eat like a diabetic, at least for a while since my insulin is off- I think my mood reflected that when I wore all blue, black, and grey last week. Goodbye carbs and sugar, but hello losing weight! PS, I've already lost some inches due to this forced diet, can you tell I need to get some new clothes? Most of mine just aren't looking as good these days sagging off of me. I always thought it would be great to go down a size or two, but actually it's kind of sad to say goodbye to most of your clothes.
Pants: Gap, $15, Sweater: Aeropostale, $8, Belt: Walmart, $10, Camisole: Gap, $7, Shoes: Crocs, $30, Necklace: Handmade
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Saying Goodbye to Winter

Nothing keeps me warmer than my fleece turtleneck. I knew I had to give it one more whirl before we are back in the 100's. I added a little New York twist- it seems like funky boots and tights are the staple to winter wardrobes there.
Turtleneck: From high school, I seriously can't remember what I paid, but it is Gap, Dress: Old Navy, $15, Tights: Candies, $5, Boots: Aeropostale, $4, Necklace: New York and Co, $4
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

One More From LA

I went to The Villa- a Roman art museum and garden in LA, it was awesome. I had to catch a flight right after, so I did my best to fit in with the swanky artsy crowd while still pulling off a t-shirt and jeans. I did not however, pull off maturity as I posed for this picture.
Jeans: American Eagle, $20, Shoes: Old Navy, $3, Shirt: Shade Clothing Company, $7, Jacket: Aeropostale: $15, Scarf: Walmart, $5
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Black and White Gamine

I was pretty excited when I found this sweater in just my size on sale for only $5! It's perfectly Gamine. And, might I add, I was feeling reading for spring and busted out my white skirt and no tights (it was 80 today in the Southwest). I was pretty darn happy!
Sweater: Target, $5, Skirt: Gap, $15, Shirt: Aeropostale: $15, Shoes: Famous Footwear, $15, Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4
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Jazz Club

Saturday night we went to a hip Jazz Club called The Jazz Bakery. I was feeling a little retro, although nothing I am wearing is sadly. Once again, this was the best picture we took showing the outfit, and the jacket was a last minute, only while I was outside thing, so please envision this without- it's much more colorful and fun that way!
Dress: Target, $6, Cardigan: JCPenny, $5, Belt: Aeropostale, $5, Jacket: Aeropostale: $15, Hat: Mall Store, $15, Shoes: Target, $13
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Vintage and Sprinkles!

I had on some fabulous red flats, my favorite shoes, but after an hour waiting to get some Sprinkles cupcakes, and countless hours of vintage shopping, plus Academy Awards traffic, I decided I would hang out barefoot. Sadly this is the best pic of my outfit from this day. Yes, I did want to look like some yuppie white girl looking for vintage finds so even though I was new to the game, I would look a little like a pro.
Jeans: American Eagle, $20, Shirt: Gap, $15, Sweater: American Eagle, $20, Scarf: Vintage Thrifted, $3, Shoes (not shown), flea market $7
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back in Black

My trip to LA was amazing! Great friends, great food, and great shopping! I will post more about my vintage finds, but for now, I'm just happy to have a second between school, work, and laundry to post this one pic from the day I got home!
Shirt: H&M, sale $10, Skirt: JCPenny, sale $4, Tights: Forever 21, $2, Shoes: Famous Footwear, $15, Earrings: Icing, $6
Total: $37
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Peaking Red

You know it's been a rough week when you start your week's outfits on Thursday night. Don't worry fashionista readers- I'm going to LA this weekend, and planning to hit JetRag, so I should make up for the lack of posts with some killer items! Stay tuned!
Jacket: Loft, sale, $12, Skirt: Mervyns, sale $10, Shirt: AE, sale $15, Tights: Forever21, $2, Shoes: Target, sale $4.50, Watch: Wal-mart, $10, Red Beret (not pictured): New York and Co, sale $2

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feeling 50's

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, sale $7.50, Camisole:, $10, Heels: Naturals (Famous Footwear), Sale $15, Tights: Forever21, $2.00, Skirt: Charlotte Russe, sale $7.00, Bow: Custom
Total: $41.50
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Fab Finds!

I am one happy camper! Thrifting went well. I was particularly in the market for skirts, as I've recently lost weight and gone down a size (bless you running and fewer carbs)! I needed some that won't fall off me when I walk. Check out these babies:
If you think I spent more than $17 for all vintage, Tommy, Gap, and AE items, you're thinking wrong.

And my sister found some amazing items too, I plan to steal her stuff, particularly the awesome tie and Banana Republic vintage-style jacket.

I'm off to LA next weekend to see a friend. I'm going to the JetRag Sunday sale that is famous among pretty much every fashion blogger out there. Stay tuned for the awesomeness of next week, and the mixing of these items into my wardrobe, after sanitation, I already have big plans!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Girly and Sporty

Jeans: Gap, T: Shade Clothing, Shoes: Sketchers, Jacket: Forever21, Bow: Custom

Lovin' Thirftin' on V-Day

Half off at Goodwill- yes please!
I used to think thrift shopping was well, thrifty, and certainly not cool. I grew up in a small town, and you just didn't want to be caught dead at a thrift store. Oh, so young, so stupid. I remember going to Prom my sophomore year and thinking I looked so original in the dress I had bought in the state capitol, not my hometown. It was awesome, Jackie O inspired this dress, and I went with her look for prom. Thinking I was so original, I showed up to prom to find two other girls with the same dress. I was so upset, I truly thought I was going to be an original! From that day on my life changed- my mom made my prom dresses, and anything I could buy from a store or company never heard of in my town became my goal!
Living in a large city now, I love that everyone has their own individual style. I'm not sure there's anything better than finding vintage finds at thrift stores, for the unique, one-of-a-kind look that no one is going to show up to prom, or any other event wearing.
Valentine's = big sales at thrift stores in my city, and I'm pumped to go find some stuff! I went serious thrifting for the first time last week and found an awesome skirt and vintage scarf. I'm ready to find love on this shopping trip- finds to be posted tomorrow!

Casual Friday- CA Cool

Casual Friday= the reason I get up on Fridays!
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft, sale $7, Shirt: My sister's throw-out, free!, Cardigan: Loft, sale $7.50, Jeans: Bongo, sale $15, Headband: Forever21, $4.50, Earrings: Target, sale, $4.40
Total: $38.40

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Sexy Librarian

Turtleneck: JCPenny, sale $5, Sweater: County Seat, $15, Skirt: New York and Company $12, Tights: Candies, $5, Shoes: Mudd, $35 Sale
Total: $72

School Uniform

I toured my top choice grad school today, I think it inspired me to dress in a uniform-styled, yet polished adult ensemble.
Dress: Thrifted (I know right?) $10, Shirt: American Eagle, Sale, $12, Shoes: Local Latin Market, $6.99, Necklace: Charlotte Russe, $5, Watch: Wal-mart, $10
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sick Day

I wasn't feeling well, and it was one of the coldest days in long time- so I made Tuesday into my casual Friday.
Jeans: Gap, $20 sale, Sweater: Local mall store: $15, Shirt: Kohls, $12, Boots: Aeropostale, $8, Headband: Pin from sweater, and original from Rue 21, $2
Total: $57
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Joining the Dark Side

The rain took a break for about an hour, and let me take a picture outside. Good thing these are 4" heels, I was sinking into the wet grass.
Sweater: Anchor Blue, $10 sale, Under T:, $10, Shirt: Gap, $9 sale, Skirt: Gap, $15 sale, Textured Tights: I think Target, $5, Shoes: Old Navy, $4 sale, Cocktail Ring: Mervyns, $8
Total: $61
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prep School

I am taking a Kaplan course to prep for the big entrance exam for grad school. I go to school all night once a week. Somehow it makes me feel like I go to prep school (a girl can dream right)? Last class, I guess I was channeling my inner Blair, because that's who I felt like when I put this baby on.
Shirt: Gap, sale $12, Vest: Target, sale $4.24, Tights: JCPenny, $5, Shoes: Target, $13, Headband: Rue21, $1
Total: 35.24

Be Mine

I didn't mean to, but I was told I look like a Valentine today. I just like red. A lot. OK I'm mildly obsessed and always choose red! I feel empowered, hot, and like I stand out when I wear red. I guess Valentine's is just another wonderful excuse to wear all red!
Boots: Last Chance, $40, Skirt: Seriously forgot, Shirt: My little bro's when he outgrew it- free, Sweater: American Eagle, $40, Belt: Gap, $12
Total: $92
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Yikes! Stripes!

I tried to mix prints again- but this time I stayed in the same family. The pics may be hard to tell, but the blazer is a small, aqua blue striped over a thicker, darker blue striped oxford. I loved this- next time- plaid!

Shirt: Target, sale $12, Blazer: Target, sale $12, Jeans: Ralph Lauren, sale $40, Necklace and Ring: Charlotte Russe, $8 and $4, Shoes: Latin Market: $6.99, Watch: Wal-mart, $10
Total: $95
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Ahoy! A Little Gamine

There is just something about a classic striped shirt that pulls a Gamine look into any ensemble. I decided to add a mustard yellow instead of the traditional red for a nautical look. And please note I'm rockin' skinny jeans, I have fat thighs and have avoided them forever. When I tried on this one pair, it was the first time I was sold!

Jeans: American Eagle $20
Shoes: Target $13
Bag: Target $6
Shades: Target $13
Shirt: Mervyns $12
Necklace: Black Market Minerals $2.50

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ode to Blair

I know, I'm super original, and late in the game. Due to the amount of teenagers I associate with at my job, I try to stay away from teen drama of all kinds, including TV shows. Somehow Gossip Girl and I just didn't really really meet for a while. I don't watch it often, in fact, hardly at all. I do, however adore the stylist who created Blair Waldorf. She's so awful, but her looks are so perfect! My should-have-been-a-prep-school self can't get enough of her looks. I know I will never pull these babies off, I don't have the body or the wallet, but I try to incorporate elements. I know every other fashion blog was so all over this two years ago, but I'm still a fan 2 years later, and still inspired! Here are some of my favorites:

Red Shirtdress

Favorite color: Red
Favorite print: Polka Dots
Favorite Dress Style: Shirtdress
Was there anyway I wouldn't buy this dress?

Shoes: Famous Footwear
Headband: Target
Earrings: New York and Company
Ring: Charolotte Russe

Told by a teenager, "You look like you're in the 1950's." I think it was meant to be an insult, but I smiled big and said, "Thank You!" thinking, "That's what I was going for!'

Quirky Prep

OK, this IS a print mix! I have my two favorites together: The shirt is polka dot, and the sweater is obviously striped. You may have to zoom to see it. Oh, that will make my face huge, maybe you should just take my word for it. I have had a hard time getting into neons, this is my first flair of neons. Just my style, first, a cardigan, second, completely prepster.

Pants: Gap Outlet ($12 sale), Shoes: Exhilaration (Target, $13 sale), Camisole: Downeast Outfitters ($12), Top: Aeropostale ($10 sale), Sweater: Target ($6.24 sale)

Total: $53.24

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mixing Prints/Patterns

Early last fall Lucky, my favorite magazine, did an article on mixing prints. This is something that goes against my super preppy style, but I absolutely loved most the looks. These are a few of my favorites, all taken from the luckymag website:

I know, it's still so preppy right? I am making it my goal to mix some prints in the next two weeks- stay tuned for outfits and be ready to critique me!

Feeling Tribal

I found this dress for about $11 at Target and thought 'How unique!' It's a little short for works, but leggings seemed to fit with the tribal print. I added some olive green for a hint of color and interest.

Dress: Target, Leggings: Papaya, Shoes: Forever Young Shoes, Necklace: Tinkerbell Jewelry, Earrings: Icing

Outfit total: $45

Monday, February 2, 2009

Shopping Philosophy

It's simple really, I firmly adhere to and believe the following:

Paying full price is for suckers.

There is a thrill in finding something amazing, this season, now, the perfect addition to your wardrobe item for a couple dollars.

I pride myself on being one truly amazing bargain hunter. As I post outfits I will let you know what I actually paid for items, proudly.

Let's start with my best bargain ever:
The Look: Gothic Romance

Shirt: Target $6.24
Skirt: JCPenny Outlet $4.00
Tights: Kohls $5.00
Shoes: Old Navy $4.00
Looking like you spent over $200 when you really spent $19 total- Priceless

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Alter Egos

After an intro to style icons/alter egos, I am going to come right out and say that I gravitate towards 4 of these egos. They are in numerical order of which looks I gravitate to the most.
Almost all my looks follow:

1. Preppy

2. Classic

3. Girly/Feminine

4. Boho