Friday, February 26, 2010

Music Inspiration Challenge- "Human" - The Killers

I've had so many thoughts about this song- I love this song, I have a not-so-small crush on Brandon Flowers, and I've loved this song since I first saw it performed on SNL last year. I have loved his feather military jacket since I laid eyes on it. I kept thinking of feathers because of his jacket, and that's where I took part of my inspiration. The other part came from the meaning in the song, read about it here. I think of the image of being put in a show, mindless, and avoiding the human soul. It's deep- I think it's just one more reason I love it!
I wanted to show the lack of human in me, wearing all black, and shouting out to Mr. Flowers with some feathers, while still wearing a rocker "I could appear in this video" ensemble.

Prolonging Layers

I am enjoying my last thick sweater wears before it's crazy hot in AZ

Sweater: Anthropologie: $30, Shirt: H&M, $12, Pants: Loft, $8, Shoes: Last Chance, $20

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Music Inspiration Challenge- "Beat It" -Michael Jackson

I gotta admit, this was the hardest one for me! I wish I owned some more MJ iconic pieces, but I just simply don't! However, when I think of MJ and fashion I almost always think of a red, black, and white color scheme. Don't see it? Just google image him, you'll see that in about half his music shorts he is in this scheme. He also wears some amazing prints with a little funky something. In addition, there are usually beautiful, trendy, yet feminine female characters. I tried to combine the two.
Dress: Rue21, Cardi: Last Chance, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Belt: NY&Co

Monday, February 15, 2010

Music Inspiration Challenge- "Poker Face" - Lady GaGa

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Ever since I saw Casino Royal I have thought about poker in a new way. I knew I wanted to go semi-formal for this song, and something kind of whimsical. Luckily I had a semi-formal dinner party with some friends that called for such an outfit. When I went shopping over the holidays with my mom and sister they convinced me I needed to break out of my business attire and buy a whimsical piece or two....I'm please with this change even though it's the first bold bright pink item to grace my wardrobe! Maybe it won't be my last.

Dress: H&M, $35, Tank: Shade, $10, Necklace: F21, $6, Hair clip: F21, $4, Shoes: Nine West, $25

Monday, February 8, 2010

Music Inspiration Challenge- "Day Tripper" - The Beatles

Whenever I think of a Beatles music video I think of thousands of screaming girls dressed in fabulous 60's dresses. This isn't exactly 60's, but the embroidery is definitely of that era, and so could be in a Beatles music video! Not to mention this dress was begging me to wear it. It's from Anthro, but my mom, AKA my favorite seamstress added the blue layer on the bottom to make it a little more modest, cause you know that's what I'm all about!
Dress: Anthropologie, $30, Tank: Downeastoutfitters, $10, Shoes: Last Chance, $20
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

In The Daytime...

This is what I wore to work on my B-day. It rained like crazy and I actually couldn't get to work for 2 hours because AZ can't handle much water...don't worry..I stopped for breakfast so it wouldn't ruin my day! It was freezing, but I think my last minute pull together something I love for cold weather still made me happy.

Jeans: Silver, gifted, Heels: Target, $13, Shirt: H&M, $15, Sweater: Anthropologie, $20
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday Shirt

A few personal things happened the last two weeks: My birthday, some crazy quizzes at school, my computer having photo upload issues, some social demands, and I ran a half marathon. I haven't been posting but I have been taking pics, so one of these days I will post the past 2 weeks!
Until then, this was my birthday shirt- I found it, loved it, and waited 3 months to wear it on my birthday! Am I weirdo or does anyone else save that one special thing for that one special event?

Shirt: Anthro, $50, skirt: NY&Co, Tights: F21, Shoes: Naturalizer