Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Knit Dreams

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I'm ready for summer to end, I'm ready to see temps below 100+ degrees, and I'm especially ready to get my cardigan and jacket on soon.  Until then I have decided to sew my own light weight stuff that is higher quality.  So ta-da, sewing project #1, a  gray knit skirt.  It cost about $3 to buy the patter, $2 for a yard of fabric, and 20 minutes on a sewing machine.  I was amazed that an amateur like me could pull off a skirt that fast.  Here's to hoping it doesn't fall apart!  :)

Skirt: Self-made, $2, Heels: Nine west, $20, Shirt: Anthropologie, $20, Necklace: F21, $8

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Crazy Weather

Did you hear about the Haboob in Phoenix? If not just Google it, there's a story on CNN about it today. It's made a lovely mess of dust all over the state. It's also made a lovely mess trying to take pictures with crazy wind flaring up at random times.

Skirt: F21, $5.50, Belt: F21, $2, Shirt: Old Navy, $8, UnderT: Mia Bellina half cap shirt, $15 Shoes: Latin Market, $2, Necklace, F21, $8
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dream Big

I didn't think finding your favorite style dress for $20 at Anthropologie was possible.  I guess this post goes to show you that fashion dreams do come true.

Dress: Anthro, $20, Shoes; Target, Belt: Vintage thrifted, $1, Tank: Downeast Basics

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Interview Attire

So we hit some record highs lately, my temperature gauge would not stop reading 120 the other day- such a hot summer!  I've been lucky to have a few interviews during my job search, I guess this economy really is as bad as CNN Money makes it out to be.  I'm still hoping and praying some management positions open up and I get to utilize the degree.  At least there have been some signs of hope for me.
Looking at my suit and thinking of the heat makes me want to cry.  SO I've tried to adapt with some summer suit alternatives for interviews, this is what I wore to my last one.
Dress: Ann Taylor, Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft, Brooch: F21, Heels: Nine West

Monday, July 11, 2011

Floral + Menswear

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I absolutely love mixing some menswear with feminine touches!

Blazer: Old Navy, $8, Floral Button-Up: Anthropologie, $20, Jeans: NY&Co, $20, Heels: Target, $5

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Patriotism

Do you know how I knew I was marrying an absolute winner? At Christmas time I went shopping with the fiance and found this amazing blue and white striped cardigan with ruffles at Anthropologie. I told him if a piece of clothing embodied my style it was this cardigan. However, even the sales tag was way above my price range for one piece that isn't a basic- $50. I put it back on the shelf, found the skirt I was looking for in my size and went to the dressing room. Meanwhile, the fiance ran to the cashier and ordered the cardigan in my size. You have better believe Christmas morning I was the most surprised and flattered girl in the world!
So there is the story of my favorite cardigan. It works well all seasons and I was thrilled for this patriotic look. PS sorry for the back shot, not my most flattering angle, but I wanted to show the cool styling in the cardi.

Skirt: Target, $8, Shoes: Target, $5, Cardigan: Gifted :), Shirt: Downeast Basics, $10, Belt: F21, $2, Necklace: Charlotte Russe, $6, Earrings: Old Navy, $3 clearance
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Date Night

The hubs and I have another blog dedicated to date nights- we think it's one of the most important things you can do in a marriage to stay in love and keep things fun and not just become business partners. It's been a fun little project to keep us accountable for every Friday. We take turns planning the date, and usually surprise the other with what we're going to do. I never know what to wear on his nights- I mean a dress and heels don't work hiking, and I hate to dress down because sometimes we head to nice places. I was pumped when he leaked the idea early- we went and test drove some really awesome cars way out of our budget. I figured dressing on the "I appear to be fancier than a 20 something" was the way to go. AND I got to wear a skirt! We're reaching the 100-teens in AZ, so skirts are becoming the staple!

Skirt: Ross, $6, Shirt: NY&Co, about $12 after coupon, Cardigan: Target, $8, Shoes: Teva, $20, Earrings: gifted, Hairpin: H&M, $2

AND I've been trying some new updos in the heat. This one came from here.
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