Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day

I've been coveting this sweater for a while. AZ summers beg for modified fabrics and lengths, and this super light, short sleeved cardi was a must! With a nice coupon, I bought 3! And do you ever find a store where the clothes just fit like a glove? I'm finding most my wardrobe purchases as of late are from NY&Co for a reason! And this is what I wore to my first day of class for my MBA. (umm, thus the less frequent posts, I'm studying all the time now)! I tried to say I'm a teacher and a business student all at once. How did I do?

All from NY & Co Shirt: $12, Skirt: $12, Sweater: $20 (but more like $12 after coupon), Earrings: $4, Shoes: Mudd, $40
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  1. cute outfit! love the bright blue cardi and how it stands out against the white shirt and tan skirt. nice silhouette here too! very flattering.

  2. love the cardigan, esp. the flower! what a great price! i've never seen a NY&Co shop before, but i found some great online deals not too long ago!