Friday, April 9, 2010


I don't know if you knew this, but I'm a cheapskate! I resent paying more than $30 for anything....but then something happened. I have a weird body- there I said it. I'm super petitite and super curvy at the same time. I have abnormally huge thighs, and an abnormally small waist....I'm just saying jeans and I have to compromise. The usually hurt my thighs if they don't fall off up top and visa versa! However, picking up the running this year has shaped the thighs I decided it was time for a splurge! I wanted some jeans that fit pretty darn well, and decided I was willing to add an extra 0 to the amount I usually pay...uh...that's in the back of the 30. Imagine my joy to find my perfect pair- still a splurge- but for only $100! Thank you Miss Me for making jeans that stretch a little in the butt and thighs in case you have some curves. Thank you teenage stylist for convincing me that a little bling is fine and that I didn't look like a student. Afternote: She lied, between the jeans and a Hollister T I've never been asked for my hall pass by collegues so much in my life!
SOOOO- usually I'll tell you to invest in a CD, usually I'll say thrift if you're a shopaholic- usually I'll put my outfits in that under 50 category (----> over there----->).
BUT for this item only- GO SPLURGE! My thighs have never looked so normal! My butt has never looked so good. Yes, I hate my lower middle, but not in these babies!
Jeans: Miss Me, $100, Shoes: Last Chance, Shirt: Hollister, I-Feel-Hot-In-Jeans-Attitude: worth every penny!
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  1. These do look good on you! I just got some Express jeans because I was hoping I'd have the same these-jeans-look-awesome-because-they-were-overpriced feeling, but I don't :( Guess I need to upgrade to $100 jeans.

  2. Cute jeans! I have the same problem...finding jeans that fit me right. So that is one clothing item I splurge on. :)
    Love your blog.