Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Routine

Here's the winter routine: Start with a coat and cardi because it's in the 40's when I go to work. Go to short sleeved shirt under for drive home as it's in the 70's, then return to original after 6:00 p.m. I am no complaining, I live in paradise for 6 months and I enjoy every minute of it!

Pants: Gap, $12, Shirt: F21, $10, Belt: F21, $2, Shoes: Last Chance, $20, Bracelet: Black Market Minerals, $5ish
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  1. I love this outfit! You look fantastic, it's so simple but so chic and the pop of color in the belt is perfect.

    That's a great winter routine - I do pretty much the same thing!

  2. I really like this outfit, too. I like the belt + shoes on the black/white combo. It looks really good!

    My winter routine is to not realize that it is so cold in the morning and evenings, forget my jacket at home, and just be sure to run from my car to my office as fast as I can. :)

  3. Super cute outfit!! I love the colors! And your winter uniform sounds very chic! :)