Monday, April 25, 2011

Ode to Tie

My husband, back when he was my fiance, helped me move a bunch of clothes to his house one weekend just before the wedding, and he said shocked, "Um you dropped one of your...ties?" Yes, I love ties. Silky cool patterns on something I can tie around my waist- you bet! I love thrifting ties, I always think of the cool stories that must come from each tie: Maybe a lover gifted it, maybe it went to a job interview, maybe a historical event was witnessed, maybe a job was completed, maybe a tie sat in a closet and listened to someone's life unfold- who really knows? Either way, I have some obsession with this men's accessory and I am proud to own a few myself!

Dress: Target, Tank: Shade, Shoes: Last Chance, Tie: Goodwill, Cardigan: NY&Co
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