Thursday, October 6, 2011

Proof of Pants

I've been asked lately if I ever wear pants anymore. Looking at my last posts and the few I have to do I realized the short-sleeves and skirt have been my staple the past few hot months. I do wear pants, just usually on casual Friday where I haven't put much together or for date night. I always forget to take pictures before date night, sadly because I actually do my hair and makeup for these which isn't always the case for work, but there are those rare occasions where the venue you're hanging at has a hula hoop contest and your friends happen to snap a picture of you. There you go, proof of pants, and one post where I got away from my standard picture poses.

Jeans: Wal-mart $10 (back before skinnies were cool and they were desperate to sell), Shirt: F21, $21, Cardi: Target, $12, Scarf worn as belt: sister's Goodwill pile, Shoes: Target, $13
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  1. love the fun pictures! you look nice in jeans and love the touch of scarf as belt!

    xo Nav

  2. Definitely keep that scarf! The whole outfit is really cute, especially for a casual night out.

    Honestly, I tend to wear more dresses and skirts too, especially in the summer. Men have to sweat at work while we get to run around in something that's a step away from shorts!