Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stormy Seas DIY Necklace Debut

Skirt: BR Outlet, $20, Shirt: BR Outlet, $12, Necklace: Made by Me!  $15, Sandals: Target, $13ish

I know I'm not the only one that fell in love with Anthro's "Stormy Seas" necklace.  I've been searching Ebay and looking for knock offs for almost a year now.  When I found a tutorial on Pinterest I almost fell out of my chair!  I hopped on making one the next day.  It did take a little longer than I thought, but I think the results were well worth it!  Even when I wore this ensemble to the fashion mecca of Scottsdale, AZ I was complimented multiple times, asked where I got it, and told I was luck I got one of the Anthro necklaces.  I let that last compliment know I'd made it- thank you so much for THIS awesome tutorial!


  1. wow - that is a great tutorial, and your necklace turned out fantastic. i bet you'll enjoy wearing it even more than the original knowing that you made it yourself! :)

  2. cute necklace and color combo Camille!!! Love how you find stuff cheaply. Right now I'm in love with 'empress couture' and so happy they're opening up an online store which will offer modest styles, Thanks to your blogs and sites like these, it makes it possible to dress modest and cute!!