Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Runaways" The Killers

It's finally time for me to post the last Music Inspiration Challenge 2013 picture. I definitely took my time doing this challenge, but have taken even longer to get it up! I wore this about a month ago- yikes! Time to start actually posting these pics I'm taking daily!

All I can really say is I thought of the idea of settling down, running away, and becoming some hipster mom fit to be married to Brandon Flowers, which just kept producing the plan to wear a tunic, printed pants, and a headscarf. And any girl married to a rockstar had better throw some cheetah print in there somewhere...
Tunic: Jcrew, $28, Pants: Ann Taylor via Buffalo Exchange, $3, Belt: H&M, $5, Shoes: Mall boutique, $18, Scarf: Vintage Thrifted, $2, Earrings: Gifted

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