Monday, April 20, 2009

The Artistic Side Of Ralph Lauren

I think artsy-slick vibes had to be going through Ralph Lauren's head when this skirt was designed. I think pure joy was going through mine when I found this skirt for $8 at Last Chance- only to find the Easter sale made it half off. I know it's a little long, I've had a few people recommend shortening most my skirts. But, I'm a religious gal and simultaneous feminist (not an oxymoron) and I believe that yes clothes should flatter, but modesty will always be my first priority for respect to my body. Plus, I'm a teacher, and I sit in a tall chair in front of kids most days, modesty needs to be a priority!
With that said, I think if this one hit my knee it would look a little better, this is on skirt I may take an inch or two off, what do you think?
Skirt: Ralph Lauren via Last Chance, $4, Shoes: Forever Young, $20, Shirt: Shade, $10, Jacket: Anthropologie, $20, Necklace: Black Market Minerals, about $2, Watch: You should know, I wear it everyday, Fossil, gifted
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  1. So cute, and I love the color combination here! I also always have the problem of skirts being too long, which for me makes my legs look ridiculously short. I wouldn't recommend taking this one up too much, but a couple inches might be just perfect, making it look more swingy and fresh. What a great deal on a perfectly Springy skirt!

  2. I almost stood from my chair and shouted a hearty "AMEN!" to your post.

    There were several reasons, not the least of which are the price, and then the actual skirt (OHMYGOSHIT'SGORGEOUS!), and the call to modesty (which I think is--finally--making a comeback!).

    Beautiful colors--I Love! :-)

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  4. I love that skirt & the jacket and of course, you look fantastic as always!

    PS: I'm envious of the color scheme, I always get scared to pair bold colors with a bold print, you are giving me the encouragement to do so.

  5. I really think you got it! That skirt is wonderful!

  6. This skirt is beautiful. Even with a few inches off the hem, it's still modest enough to wear to my grandma's house. Though the length it is now looks quite pretty...