Saturday, September 26, 2009

All You Can Eat

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I think everyone needs a hot date shirt that they can feel comfortable in, cute, and feel like it flatters- particularly when you're going out to eat a burger the size of your head. Yes, I did it. Did I mention these shirts are better when you considered paying full price at Anthro and then found it at a consignment store, where you traded in shorts to get it free?

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange: free with trade, Jeans: AE, $40, Shoes: Teva, $20, Cami: Shade, $10


  1. Yellow is my new favorite color and that shirt is so flattering on you! Love it all the way around.

  2. Oh yes! We all need the ol' pig out clothes:)

    Very cute top!!

  3. that top is adorable! Very nice, flattering cut! :) and free? Sign me up!