Friday, September 4, 2009

BoHo Prep

I've been a little intrigued with the buzz over the boho prep idea for a while... This was an outfit I literally didn't have time to think about, grabbed a skirt, grabbed a shirt and thought, what color will make this a little more fun? My favorite heels did the trick, but I really can't decide if I look more preppy or more boho here....

Skirt: Last Chance, $6, Shoes: Target, $12, Sweater: Latin Market, $8, T: Shade, $10, Necklace: Black Market Minerals, $2.50
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  1. Definitely more boho, with the skirt and crochet-details on the sweater. The mary janes make it preppier, but the overall look is still relaxed. Perfect for a Friday!

  2. I love that blouse. I think this combination works nicely.

  3. I really like this mix, the coloured skirt works fantastically!

  4. Feels more eco-chic to me than either boho or preppy - adorable!