Friday, February 26, 2010

Music Inspiration Challenge- "Human" - The Killers

I've had so many thoughts about this song- I love this song, I have a not-so-small crush on Brandon Flowers, and I've loved this song since I first saw it performed on SNL last year. I have loved his feather military jacket since I laid eyes on it. I kept thinking of feathers because of his jacket, and that's where I took part of my inspiration. The other part came from the meaning in the song, read about it here. I think of the image of being put in a show, mindless, and avoiding the human soul. It's deep- I think it's just one more reason I love it!
I wanted to show the lack of human in me, wearing all black, and shouting out to Mr. Flowers with some feathers, while still wearing a rocker "I could appear in this video" ensemble.

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  1. I'm so excited I just found your blog!! I'm an English teacher, like you, but I have no idea what to wear!! It's awful - I've been rotating through this sequence of black since I started in Feb. I need some of your inspiration! :)