Monday, March 7, 2011

3X's the Fun

Confession: I bought this cardigan in 3 colors. Check out my posts about the University President, and Colonel Mustard- You'll see what I mean.
Sometimes I think I fall in love too hard and overdo it, but was I wrong? Do you ever buy 3 of the same thing and tell yourself it's okay because they look different?

Cardigan: NY&Co, Jeans: Silver, Tank: Downeast Basics, Belt: Loft, Shoes: Too much Dayquil in my system to remember
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  1. Okay, so I have this black dress that I really like because it's comfortable and flattering. On Friday, I found the same dress in brown, gray and purple.

    I bought all three additional colors. I say if it works, go with it. :) And that cardigan looks great on you!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. I agree with Melissa. If you like something and it works for you, why not buy it in multiple colors? I LOVE me some multiples. (I actually own ONE of that cardi you're wearing, in teal!)

  3. Ha, and mustard. I forgot I also had it in mustard.

  4. Thanks for making me feel better ladies! I think if you know how to work your wardrobe it totally works, but it's nice to hear others affirm these sentiments :)