Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Orange Groves

I have been very lucky to live in orange groves the past 2.5 years. Our trees produce so much citrus you could feed a homeless shelter (most our neighbors do just that)! I love that I wake up and pick an orange or grapefruit for breakfast all winter long- it's really a cool thing. I'm going to ignore the fact that scorpians burrow in orange trees and just celebrate my last 2 weeks of living here before I get hitched and move in with the fiance. I have been feeling the color orange lately- probably the lamenting of missing my beloved trees.
Scarf: Shade, $10, Shirt: Downeast outfitters, $10, Skinnies: LEI, $7, Shoes: Payless, $20, Earrings: NY&CO, $5
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  1. Oooh I would LOVE to have that by how pretty it all is!

  2. I used to live near an orange grove. It really was pretty awesome.

    And orange is a great color on you! I love that scarf and those shoes!

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  3. wait, seriously? that's crazy to me--you just up and pick an orange for breakfast? whatEVER. sounds like some kind of heaven. and orange-speckled heaven, no less, which makes it even better for sure.
    love the simplicity of your outfit. still stylish & chic, but super friendly & comfy. it's a nice balance.
    -brittney (daily outfit blog)