Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fab Finds!

I am one happy camper! Thrifting went well. I was particularly in the market for skirts, as I've recently lost weight and gone down a size (bless you running and fewer carbs)! I needed some that won't fall off me when I walk. Check out these babies:
If you think I spent more than $17 for all vintage, Tommy, Gap, and AE items, you're thinking wrong.

And my sister found some amazing items too, I plan to steal her stuff, particularly the awesome tie and Banana Republic vintage-style jacket.

I'm off to LA next weekend to see a friend. I'm going to the JetRag Sunday sale that is famous among pretty much every fashion blogger out there. Stay tuned for the awesomeness of next week, and the mixing of these items into my wardrobe, after sanitation, I already have big plans!

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  1. I love your site! It is so fun to see and I love seeing the deals you get! Put a link to this on your blog!