Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have to confess, I took this picture about 3 weeks ago during finals week. I've never been under so much stress in my life finishing up the gradebook as a teacher as well as study and take final exams as a student. It's like the two most stressful things that have ever occurred happened simultaneously. I think I woke up that morning knowing my life would be insane, and thought- let's grab my busiest sweater, busiest shirt, and 2nd brightest shoes. Go outfit, you got me through that crazy day!

Skirt: Gap, thrifted, Tights: Wal-mart, Shoes: Last Chance, Shirt: Tommy, Sweater: Anthropologie, Headband: Random swamp meet style store in the mall
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  1. I really like that sweater. The color and design are so fabulous.