Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shopping Day

When I go shopping I like to wear shoes that are easy off, a cami, and a cardi that is also easyto try on with. Does anyone else have a "shopping uniform" used?

Cardi: Target, Cami: Downeast Outfitters, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Teva
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  1. I usually try to go with something simple to take off. Usually loose jeans/trousers, easy to take on/off shoes and a simple top. Something similar to your outfit

  2. I have a similar "shopping uniform". Separates are a must - because nothing is as awkward as trying on a blouse without trousers or a skirt.

  3. I think we should be allowed to shop in flipflops and a bathrobe. How easy would that be?

    Since I can't, I usually wear slip on shoes and pull over tops. No messing with laces or buttons.