Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nice Girl look

Cami: Gap, $10, Cardigan: Target, $9, Jeans: Aeropostale, $20, Shoes: Latin Market, $2, Earrings: NY&Co, about $5

Guess what I realized, I graduate with my MBA in 5 months! I was cleaning through pictures and found this outfit I wore back in late October. I had a final for a class, took the day of work, went to lunch with my now fiance, and studied my guts out. I think I was going to the innocent school girl vibe so my professor who I think was afraid of me after asking lots of questions on why he worded a quiz a certain way would think I am a nice person after all. I am, I promise, I just really wanted in A in the class with the hardest reputation in my program! I was thrilled with that A-, let's thank the color pink!
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  1. Go pink and yay for your MBA! Gosh 5 months is so close. What a huge relief when you're done.