Monday, February 7, 2011

Air High-Five

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I know what you're thinking, leggings are probably more on the out than an up and coming thing, but I felt like I should take a picture and give myself a kudos. I have hated my legs and thighs since I was a pre-teen. I'm a pear and no matter how much I run or get in shape I'm just a smaller pear. I've had a hard time doing skinny jeans and thought leggings would never happen for me. I actually bought these about 4 years ago thinking I would jump on that trend before others. They have sat in a drawer as I've never had the confidence to wear them.
Something inside of me told me to get over myself and quit hating the one part of my body I can't change. I am tired of seeing fat, I should see that I have some muscle down there! I know I still wimped out and wore a long tunic, but this super late trend wearer finally got over herself. If you want to give me an air high five I'm totally okay with that. If you want to go dig up that item you wanted to wear but never have because of confidence issues- will you please go do that and let me know that you did? I want to air five you too!

Leggings: $10, Tunic: H&M, $10, Shoes: $13


  1. I haven't gotten on the band wagon, either! They look cute on you, so don't worry you can get on this bandwagon, as long as it lasts. I do like leggings more than those britney spears belly shirts that were cool back in our day!

  2. Okay, first of all, you have great legs.

    Second of all, leggings aren't totally on their way out yet so wear 'em as much as you can!

    Third, yeah, I wasn't so sure about skinny jeans and I'm not entirely sure that they're flattering on me, but I wear them anyway. Plus horizontal stripes. :)