Tuesday, February 22, 2011

University President Speech

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I was asked to do one of the scariest and most intimdating things in my life: speak publically in front of a very large group of people. The president of my university gave a speech on religion and education, I was asked to speak before him. Because I'm a Mormon, I'm an MBA student, and I am a teacher those in charge of the event decided I would be a great fit. Crazy, I know! I go to one of the largest schools in the nation, it was not a small task asked of me! It's a pretty amazing thing to meet powerful, intelligent people- I may have even fooled him into thinking I could one day be one!
I was pretty worried about what I would wear, I love color and I love girly touches- but the occasion called for some business casual conservatism. After much toiling I settled on this! Go ahead, tell me honestly, did I make a good choice? Do you think he'll let me intern for him? Do you think he'll let me take over the university someday? (Just kidding... kind of ;-) )

Cardigan: NY&co, Skirt: BR, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Shirt: NY&Co, Pearl Necklace: Lia Sophia via ebay, Pearl Earrings: NY&Co


  1. Awesome!! Congrats!! What a great outfit for a fabulous occasion!

  2. If you want to take over the university some day, I say go for it!

    This is a perfect example of business casual. The pencil skirt is business-y, the layered tops are still professional but more casual, and you threw in some "you" style with the belt and jewelry. You look fantastic!

    I would be utterly petrified to speak in front of even a small group of people. I'm sure you did great!!! What an honor to be asked!

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  3. I think it looks very suitable. You look like you can be taken seriously but you've added enough interest that you don't look stodgy or so bland that people would overlook you.

    Plus, it looks comfortable. The last thing you want to do is to have to fiddle with tags or wrinkles or shoes that pinch when you have a speech to worry about.

    Good luck!