Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Date Night

The hubs and I have another blog dedicated to date nights- we think it's one of the most important things you can do in a marriage to stay in love and keep things fun and not just become business partners. It's been a fun little project to keep us accountable for every Friday. We take turns planning the date, and usually surprise the other with what we're going to do. I never know what to wear on his nights- I mean a dress and heels don't work hiking, and I hate to dress down because sometimes we head to nice places. I was pumped when he leaked the idea early- we went and test drove some really awesome cars way out of our budget. I figured dressing on the "I appear to be fancier than a 20 something" was the way to go. AND I got to wear a skirt! We're reaching the 100-teens in AZ, so skirts are becoming the staple!

Skirt: Ross, $6, Shirt: NY&Co, about $12 after coupon, Cardigan: Target, $8, Shoes: Teva, $20, Earrings: gifted, Hairpin: H&M, $2

AND I've been trying some new updos in the heat. This one came from here.
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  1. Camille, beautiful look! and i love the idea of planing dates every friday :)

    xo Nav