Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Crazy Weather

Did you hear about the Haboob in Phoenix? If not just Google it, there's a story on CNN about it today. It's made a lovely mess of dust all over the state. It's also made a lovely mess trying to take pictures with crazy wind flaring up at random times.

Skirt: F21, $5.50, Belt: F21, $2, Shirt: Old Navy, $8, UnderT: Mia Bellina half cap shirt, $15 Shoes: Latin Market, $2, Necklace, F21, $8
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  1. Hey there! Great blog! I just went through your archives - the last 2-3 months or so, maybe more. This is a nice spot for inspiration. I came across it while trying to figure out what to wear to an interview next week. I don't know if I've ever had a summer interview. It's so hot and humid in WI right now. Do you think a sleeveless cowl neck top would be appropriate for an interview? I would love to hear your thoughts! Keep up the good work with your blog!

  2. Christine thanks so much for your sweet comment! So in business school they groomed us well what to wear and how to act in an interview. The rule of thumb is always go conservative. Think if your grandma/grandpa would think you look nice and professional. There are exceptions, if you're in the artistic of fashion industry you have more leeway to wear some fun stuff. If you're looking for an office job I would look at the sleeveless cowlneck and think if it screams a very conservative maybe even 60's vibe. If so make sure it's black, gray, brown, tan, or navy. Conservative colors are a must (or so says my career center, but I think I believe them). If it doesn't I'd opt for something a little more conservative and classic.
    I don't think dressing for interviews is particularly fun, but it super important. Good luck with this interview, I hope you get the dream job!
    - Camille