Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

I LOVE the 4th- food, family, fireworks- my favorite things! I know I said I wasn't going to post this week, but at my family shindig my sister turned to me and said, "You look cute, let me take your picture for your blog!" Well...I was hesitant. My lasik surgery went amazingly well! Err, the surgery part did. You have no idea how amazing it is to see one mile away (all roads in PHX are exactly 1 mile apart in squares, it's a great place to find your way once you learn street names but I'll jump off this tangent now) I could see details on passing cars and tell people what kind of car was driving an entire mile away! I can see details on plants and far of mountains- it truly is a miracle and yes I did cry the morning after! I didn't have to do PRK so I'm healing much faster. However- there was a complication pre surgery. They fit your eye with some suction thing to get the laser set up, and my eye didn't numb on the left. It hurt a lot, which it wasn't supposed to, until they removed the suction and numbed it more- then it was all good. So the suction thing was fighting with my eye, and there was a lot of pressure and blood vessels in my eye broke. I look like a zombie in my left eye, it's all red. It embarrasses me and my nephew confirmed at the family party that I "look a little scary." So, blessed sunglasses to shield you all! It looks bad, but I do feel pretty good, just weak as my body heals. Would I recommend lasik- more than anything! It was AMAZING! But I'm still going to take a few days I chill in my jammies and rest. Just a couple more days, and I"ll be back in the swing of things!
PS- my shirt's print is so busy even the close up didn't come out too clear- I'll try better next time when I can totally see everything! It's all good though, you don't want too close, I can't wear make up for a week....

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger, via TJ Maxx, $7, Belt: Thrifted, $2, Shorts: Gap, mega sale, $6, Shoes: Latin Market, $1.50, Sunnies: NY & Co, $3- yep all fab finds for this outfit!
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  1. Great outfit! Glad your surgery went well, hope you have a speedy recovery :)

  2. Love the floral shirt. Hope you're back to 100% soon!