Thursday, July 9, 2009

Project Time!

What does one do when they aren't supposed to spend time in public for about week and they're a major busy body?

1. Move and get settled! I wasn't sure where my life would end up, so I've lived a lot out of boxes the past 9 months, now I know what city I'll be in for grad school and I'm making it more official. It's time to gear up for teaching school to start (I'm at a modified year round, so we start end of July), and gear for the business of being a full-time grad student as well.

2. Go out anyway, Ikea was an organization must- and Danielle's jewelry organization post had me inspired! I had to wonder why people were staring at me until I went to the bathroom and think oh yeah, I look like a bad horror movie zombie with these red eyes of mine! And then I was worn out, oh surgery, I forgot it takes some time and patience to be 100%!

3. Take advantage of living in the same city as the seamstress (aka my mom) and learn a thing or two! Here's a preview of my 1/2 done project. Oh I'm stoked. And on a side note, isn't my mom's vintage sewing machine wicked sweet?

I'll be back to fashion soon- My eyes have almost healed, are only part red now, I can wear make up tomorrow (but admit I've thoroughly enjoyed the break), and I'm motivated to create outfits again! Did I mention I'm going to see Wicked this week? So pumped for my dress debut!
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