Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Get Dressed Gets a Much Needed Makeover

I know we love the Google Reader, but I'm finally making some much needed aesthetic changes to I Get Dressed. Go ahead, check out the actual blog and see if you can spot the changes- and while you're at it, if you don't mind, let me know what you think.
(More to come this week while I regain my vision and health entirely!)


  1. Hey, I just found your blog and although I cannot comment about your changes, I can say that I love your blog! You seem to have great style :)

  2. yes...your changes are lovely... :) LOVE them! :)

    I like those outfits on the left and on the right (and of course in between, but my favs are the left one and the right one). And I've been meaning to copy the one on the right--love the casual chic. Maybe tomorrow? :-D

  3. oh man, you've motivated me. I guess I'll start renovation soon. :)