Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Casual

This is what summer casual looks like for me! Surviving 110 degrees equals a breezy skirt, t- no undershirt, open airy sandals, and one accessory to keep it somewhat fun.
Do you love these shades? My sister told me they were so cute and asked where I got them. Umm, my surgeon that did my lasik gives them to all patients to wear for a while after since they are a little darker than usual.
Don't worry, next pic I'll be able to wear make up again.

Skirt: Old Navy, gift from mom, Shirt: Banana Republic, $8, Scarf: NY $ Co, $4, Sandals, Teva via REI, $20
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  1. I think scarves are always a great way to spice up an outfit. Fun to wear year round.

  2. Aren't scarves fun when it's a million degrees outside! What a cool idea!! I love it! :) shades! ;)