Friday, March 13, 2009

I Embarass Myself

THIS is the best I could do? Seriously, who do I think I am? I am a disgrace to the fashion blogging world! I had plans, big plans for this outfit too- a yellow floral vintage scarf, my favorite yellow shoes, a jacket, and maybe even some makeup. Let's just say this big orange book distracted me today. One and a half weeks till the big test, then my fashion days can resume! I WILL try harder tomorrow, I promise! I have a social gathering tomorrow and a date the next day- so I should try then! And oh yeah, after taking this I put myself on a navy blue ban for 1 week. If there are any more bad days like this it will be 2. One plus- notice the deep blue eyes today, for someone whose eyes always seem to be in color identity crisis- this was a sweet day!
Shirt: JCPenny, $3 (and there are cute buttons up the sleeve by my hair is covering the only umph in my outfit), Jeans: Gap, $20, Shoes: Teva, $20, Hair bow: Custom
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