Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Sprung

I'll admit something, I post my outfits a day late as the buffer I need to get them up and running! Notice casual Friday shows up Saturday or Sunday- you are smart readers, I knew I wasn't fooling anyone! I actually wore two outfits today and instead of waiting for tomorrow, I'm putting one up now to spare the nasty blue T that just is plain too big, along with jeans that are, well, just plain too big, but I'm going to buy new ones next week! Please don't fire me fashion world- a sinus infection, the GMAT, spring break (I love year round school), and losing 2 sizes is to blame! I'm coming back soon- I PROMISE!
It was 80 degrees in AZ today, and after a run in the heat and my temperature finally breaking after being sick, I wanted my breeziest, coolest outfit. Welcome first outfit of spring!
Shirt: Aeropostale, $10, Skirt: American Eagle, Thrifted, $3, Shoes, Target, $13 sale
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