Monday, March 9, 2009

Color Favs...

I have alluded to it in a couple posts, but I am in love with one color right now! Blue! This is not my favorite color, but for some reason I reach for blue everyday when I got to get dressed. When I go shopping I have noticed when I get in the dressing room everything is usually blue with some black. Blue everywhere, I swear I am loving it a little too much! I think I do this every season. Seriously, I pick one color I can't get enough of, and that is all I want to purchase, and usually wear! Last year I got into green, merely because it makes my eyes pop. I think blue is in the same boat- I have eyes that change color with what I'm wearing, and apparently I like them blue right now. But how does that explain my pink phase in college? I never liked pink growing up, and one year, pink moccasins, pink jackets, pink earrings, pink shirt- crazy pink madness came over me! Red always comes and goes, but the there was the brown phase too.

My questions readers, if there are any out there, is this normal? Do you go through color phases? Do you notice in the dressing room that you selected the majority of one color, or I am some weirdo?

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