Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late Night

I was in my class until late tonight, and when I left it was freezing! OK it was 60 degrees, but I was shivering. My bright blue shirt got the shaft as I threw on a last minute sweater, but I will wear it again soon! I had a nice, well dressed old lady shout when I walked into my doctor's office today (sinus infections :( not fun) "CUTE top!" I think old lady compliments are the best kind. If I look ready to pass out, I am, I studied my eyes out today, and I'm sick.
Jeans: American Eagle: $20ish, Shirt: JCPenny, $12, Sweater: Target, $6, Shoes: Target, $6
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  1. I just bought that same sweater from target!!!! :) im actually wearing mine tomorrow! how fun!

    thanks so much for noticing!!! :) i am on the south beach diet, and ive lost 6 pounds in the first 6 weeks! check it out, it really works, but you really got to stick to it :)

  2. not 6 weeks, i meant 2 weeks!!! lol....