Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Little Help From My Friends

Let's just say perhaps you have tickets to go hear THE PRESIDENT of the United States speak tomorrow. Let's also imagine it being outside, at a football stadium, with the temp being about 100 degrees. My friend, uh yeah, my friend has this problem planning their outfit. Most people are wearing t-shirts and shorts, but I don't think that casual is cool for such a FORMAL speaker! However, it will be crazy HOT. Any thoughts? I have 20 hours and counting.... I mean my "friend" does....


  1. How about a pretty little spring sundress and flat sandals? More dressy than a t-shirt, and possibly much cooler too?

  2. I was going to suggest the same thing! Keep it light in color and fabric choice and enjoy. That would be amazing!

  3. Hm...I'm seeing a pattern here...

    My suggestion would be a short sleeve cotton top and knee-length skirt with flats or sandals.