Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Thank you thank both Lisa at http://alwayssummertink.blogspot.com/, and Lydia at http://fashionphilosofy.blogspot.com/ for hooking me up with this award:

So kind! And I want to spotlight a couple of my favs as well, so steal this image and let the world know that I think you're cool!

Danielle at http://fashionablyalaskan.blogspot.com/

Kyla at http://bluecollarcatwalk.blogspot.com/

Latoya at http://latoyas-look-book.blogspot.com/

There are so many more, but it's super late, and I have a HUGE day tomorrow! Thanks for being so kind ladies, and thanks to all readers who leave nice comments, and thanks to so many awesome bloggers who continue to inspire me daily!

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