Sunday, May 31, 2009

Better to Overdress

I cleaned and packed the good ole' classroom today, so I wanted to be casual. I was asked by my father if I had worn this to work, since it's "a little casual." I laughed and let him know there was one other teacher, male, dressed slightly nicer than I. I have always had the theory that it is better to overdress than under dress for any and all occasions- even when moving boxes. Does anyone agree with me? Do you pick and choose when to dress up, or do you too try to be a little above the norm in all situations?

Shirt: Gap, $12, Shorts: Gap, $15, Belt: Gap, $6, Shoes: Latin Market, $5, Watch: Wal-Mart, $10
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  1. I think I tend to shoot for the middle ground in terms of casual/dressy. I do, however, admire you. I would have probably worn ratty jeans and a t-shirt...okay, so maybe that's a *slight* exaggeration, but I wouldn't have dressed as nice as you did. I'm thinking my husband (jr. hi. teacher) wore jeans and a polo to clean out his class room, too. :) Looks lovely on you! :)

  2. I think you look great today. In fact, I have flagged this post in my goodle reader to remind me to try something similar soon.

  3. I usually prefer to overdress most of the time. I'd rather show up as the person who dressed a little more stylishly than needed, than be the person who shows up in ratty sweatpants :)

  4. i love this look...must be because i love wearing bermuda shorts :) love the pops of red