Thursday, May 14, 2009

Presidential Speech

Thanks for all the great advice for the big presidential speech- it truly was the most amazing thing, and a huge highlight of my life! I was so inspired, and truly proud to be an American.
I did pull out a sun dress, believe it or not. This dress is light knit jersey, but the navy I think makes it look nicer than the lightweight dress it is. I was glad this was my choice, somewhat more formal than most, but still kept me as cool as one can be in 105 degrees!

Dress: Gap, $12, Tank: Gap, $8, Scarf: Mall store, $8, Shoes: Latin Market, $7
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  1. Way to go! Looks adorable! :)

    I was thinking about you today (don't get freaked out), and just wondering how that speech went! Thanks for the update! What an honor to hear our President speak. :)

  2. That's so cool! I love the dress-- I'm sure you were one of the best dressed there :)

  3. I finally have red flats thanks to you! Looking at yours made me want a pair of my own :)