Friday, June 19, 2009

In The Details

Shirt: New York & Co, $12, Skirt: Latin Market, $5, Shoes: Payless, $9 (after sale), Earrings: New York & Co, $5

I love the subtle details in clothes- I think it really is what makes fashion interesting. I loved the little bow in my skirt, I love the small ruffle on this shirt, I love the buckle on these shoes. I feel like these pieces are all like the cool kids who aren't trying to be cool. I also love that this is my favorite color combo (at least currently).
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  1. i totally agree! a little ruffle or special detailing can take any simple piece from boring to bold! lookin' good :)

  2. I love little details, and they make clothes so easy to mix and match because each piece is subtly cool.

  3. I love it when clothes have subtle details that make them special :)