Monday, June 8, 2009

The Story of the Power Suit

Suit: $45 total after amazing coupons plus sale at New York & Co, Shirt: New York & Co, $11, Shoes: Naturalizer, $20

Just a personal note, and if you hate these, then you don't have to read this. I usually don't get too personal, but I just wanted to let you know that my dreams of graduate school are coming true. I have enjoyed aspects of education, but feel the American public school system really has some kinks that are driving young teachers out of the profession! I plan to teach part time next year and go to school full-time, but life is always a crazy ride and one never knows! I have always missed my college job as an office manager for a marketing firm, and I am excited to be diving back into this field. I also never thought this would be possible because of some life circumstances that I think people would think I had made up if I even began to tell you the truth- but maybe I'll write a book about it someday. After a huge family/personal tragedy that I didn't expect last fall- alone and broken I decided to rebuild my life and start studying away- it seemed as good a time as any to truly start a new life that I wanted. I have taught full-time and still studied almost full-time as well to prep for grad school. It truly is a humbling personal victory to find acceptance to a top 25 MBA program- I feel God really picked me up and carried me after such sad events in my life this past year.
This suit means a lot more to me than just my usual great deal (and $45 for a suit that fits you like a glove, seriously, may be my best find ever)! This suit represents that no matter what your circumstances in life may be, no matter how many lemons life hands you, you can always make lemonade- you can always achieve your dreams- even if they didn't seem possible! I bombed my first GMAT, and I still was able to work through it, pick up the failure, and retake for a more successful 2nd time. I didn't get into my top choice program, but I realized that 2nd choice is a better fit for me anyway- and I'm glad I didn't give up! The things one really wants are SO worth fighting for!
I share this in hopes that someone who knows me only through the Internet will find some motive to go get the job they want- go try for grad school- go ask that guy out you want to go out with- or just do something you have always wanted but never done!

So there you have it- the story of the power suit.

PS- I'm so excited about this, I've thought of a lot of different ways to style a suit, so wait for it- this week is business savvy week for me at Igetdressed to pump myself up about the fact that I just signed my soul away to student loans- and that my dreams are coming true!
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  1. Congrats on deciding to go back to school! Love the power suit :)

  2. Congratulations on going back to school. I feel like going to graduate school (for teaching, oddly enough) has been such a wonderful experience for me. Like you, I really felt like it helped me take control of where my life was going. Just knowing that I am doing something to work towards my goals has made me feel so strong and happy, and I wish the same for you!

  3. Congratulations! This suit looks divine and I got goosebumps reading your story. I would totally read the book :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. The suit is gorgeous and you look wonderful in it. More importantly congrats on reaching a life goal that you really wanted. You rock!

  5. Very inspiring makes me want to go conquer to world! And the suit is fantastic, so classic and timeless!

  6. Hi! that is a kind of Back-to-School Suits for my son and daughter. Even I am a boy but I totally appreciate your work.