Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unique Primary Colors

I don't own a lot of yellow- purple and yellow are the colors that could use some attention next time I go shopping.... I tried to use whatever yellow I had for the weardrobe contest, and found this shirt hiding in my closet just as the time was up. Jessica of weardrobe still let me enter this outfit- what a doll! When I put on yellow I was just feeling the primary colors, but since the yellow is a unique hue I wanted to give the whole outfit a twist with a unique red and blue. I feel like I look fake next to the colors of nature with 3 bright hues! I'm also indulging myself with a 4th pic today, the lighting was awesome outside- overcast in AZ doesn't happen often- and this is the first picture in my 7 months of almost daily photography that my natural eye color came out without any help! I was happy green came out to play this day. I also noticed freckles, which I haven't had since I played soccer in high school. I guess the running outdoors is bringing out my youth again. Anyway, my vanity gets the best of me since this is the first pictures of my face I've liked in a long time- so thanks for tolerating a 4th!

Shirt: Anthropologie, $10 (seriously), Skirt: Latin Market, $5, Belt: NY & Co, $7, Shoes: NY & Co, $14
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  1. adorable. i LOVE the skirt. oh, that cut-out trim! i have a similar one in black, not pleated, but that color is divine.

  2. I love this outfit!! The bright colors are so much fun to look at!! and that is awesome you got the shirt for $10!! I hardly walk into that store because it's so overpriced...