Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maxi Love

I wasn't sure I would be rockin' the maxi this summer, love them, but I'm short. On a good day I'm 5'4 and I was worried this would cut me off in all the wrong places. And then one magical day last week I walked into American Eagle, which I normally don't shop at (only for jeans), and I found this number for a ridiculously low price in a color I've been hoping to add more frequently to my wardrobe. When I put it on I was surprised at the cut, and thought- people may ask me if I got implants.... maybe I'm dreaming here, probably so (I was a nearly A all of high school, and when I quit formal sports I blossomed). I at least think I have an extra umph up top and to me that's worth losing an inch or two on the bottom.....thoughts?

Dress: AE, $12, Shoes: Target, $13, White Layering T:, $10, Jacket: Aeropostale (forever ago), $10
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  1. I definitely like it without the jacket better, because the jacket covers the awesome top. I agree that it does a nice job at giving you a boost! I love the color.

  2. I am shorter than that and that worries me too about wearing a maxi dress, but I LOVE them. I found the cutest one recently but still haven't worked up the nerve to wear it! I know...
    You look really cute, so I am going to try mine out this week, love the sandals with it.

  3. I have a love affair going with any type of Maxi dress, so I'm always a fan! :) It looks great on you and definitely accentuates the bust. If you're comfortable, go for it! The color is absolutely fabulous! :)

  4. i was wondering if us short girls could ever pull this off but you look great. va-voom up top indeed! love the color.