Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Suit- 5 ways- Authoritative

Suit: NY & Co, $45, Shirt: Loft, $10, Shoes: Latin market ($7)

I took fashion merchandising in high school, and I'll never forget my teacher talking about what different colors means- red being authoritative. She told us if we ever become teachers to make sure we wear red and black on the first day of school (which I have, all 5 times). I think this applies to so many moments in life- so of course I was looking for the authoritative color combo applied to the suit.


  1. I love the suit with red accents. Is there a certain color that's good to wear for interviews? I've got some coming up soon.

  2. Love the shirt with this suit. Great combo!

  3. Great advice for me when I start teaching! Thanks!